Simply The Best Plugins branding

Simply The Best is a new team of WordPress plugin developers who were looking for a visual solution for their task. The client’s goal was to create an “anti-IT” brand that has its own mascot, looks and feels like unisex and can be modular – for use both for the company as a whole and for individual plugins.


We created a design and turned it into a WordPress theme at the request of our client. The project stakeholders liked the simple but functional and content-oriented design so much that it was also adapted for a similar project in the market of Kazakhstan.


Webpromo rebranding

Webpromo is one of the most famous digital advertisement agencies in Ukraine. They have asked us to develop a fresh looking logo on the old logo basis.

We’ve saved a search icon as a part of the logo structure but changed the emotion for client customers. Now Webpromo looks as cool, as works. Good work, team!

Wetterheld landing page

WETTERHELD offers easy, fast, 100% online weather insurance for businesses that lose revenue or incur higher costs due to bad weather (rain, temperature, snow).

For decades, big businesses hedged their weather risks via weather insurance. They had a competitive edge over smaller businesses. Smaller businesses lacked the expertise and critical mass that was required to arrange a good weather insurance contract because complicated manual calculations and high sales provisions meant prohibitive costs.

WETTERHELD offers weather insurance even to the smallest business.

We’ve made a simple and fancy landing page based on WordPress technology. At the moment our team is working on a marketing strategy for the product launch.

C2C branding – a service of guaranteed exchange of cryptocurrency. Exchange cryptocurrency for cash: anonymously, safely, with a guarantee of a fair deal.

Eforb Gamebox

The task from a client was complex: to unite in a single corporate style an updated positioning of gaming department + customize a solution for a by-product – embedded mini-games under the same name.

Having cast aside over two dozen options, the client’s team settled upon an ambitious version of the world as a game cube with the slogan “Let’s play the world!”. Based on the given direction we designed a pool of required elements: an animated version, envelopes, business cards, dozens of printed documents, presentation, distribution, and design for social networks.


Stalo (UNDP) contest logo design

Just finished naming, logo, and site for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Ukraine contest in Ukraine and It was perhaps the fastest work of our team — only a few days from the brief to the results.

Skies PR campaign: poster, website, media support

The client came to us with an almost developed alpha version of MMORPG and FPS mixture and with a desire to tell the world about it. Therefore, we developed a concept of launching the project on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Upon the product launch supported by a PR campaign, we reached hundreds of publications in the western (excluding domestic) press, thousands of likes, and as a consequence, entering the game into the Steam Greenlight TOP-30 (the game continues to move up towards the TOP-10). On the world’s largest playground no Ukrainian project has achieved such a result within 15 days.

Made by WANTED: SMM strategy, a database of the top relevant journalists and direct communication with them, Kickstarter page design, website, competitor analysis, and competitive positioning strategy, PR strategy and press kit, POS-materials, etc.

Wetterheld logo design

Wetterheld provides online weather insurance for businesses. They want to change the weather insurance market. After two years of research and development, they want to offer you the best weather insurance for small and medium businesses in Germany.

We’ve made big design research, proposed several versions, and found the best solution. This logo works good and looks good on any communication level – with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.