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We've been working with Wanted Agency on several projects, including sites for Admixer, Adsider and Adsider LIVE | Online Programmatic Conference. The team has demonstrated outstanding speed and quality in site development, great communications and project management. Also these guys are masters of Wordpress. Our site's performance has dramatically increased. Thank you!
This is the dream team. I worked with Wanted Agency on transforming the Depositphotos Blog, the Depositphotos Visual Trends website, and a few other work-related and personal web projects. You can count on this team to be super punctual, communicative, and always with the right advice to help you do things even better than you originally planned. I also admire them for that. Highly recommend.
You immediately understand that these guys are experts in their field. They will always recommend you better approach and tell you what you shouldn't do and why. Responding adequately and promptly to comments, alterations and wishes. We made quite a specific and complex web-page, the project took 4 months and we were satisfied with both the process and the result. Recommend.